A Better U Big Gyms
Membership Fees NO ANNUALLY
Personal Trainer Fees YES YES
Travel Time NO YES
Babysitters Needed NO YES
Waiting for Machines NO YES
Quit Rate LOW HIGH
Fitness Testing Fees INCLUDED EXTRA
Nutritional Analysis INCLUDED EXTRA
Product Samples INCLUDED EXTRA

The truth is there's no magic pill, there's no miracle product, no quick fix or fad diet, and no guaranteed success to achieving your fitness goals.

Weight loss is not the only measure of success, it's not even the most important. What about how you fit into your jeans, how you look in the mirror, or your health and how you feel? Many of us get fixated on the scales... well it is time to "step off."

     Achieve your fitness goals with our solutions:

     - In Home Personal Training 

     - "Fitness in the Park" women's boot camps

     - Nutritional counseling 

        *for details and pricing see solutions