Tom LOST55 pounds and 10% body fat in7 months!

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So, I’m not the most motivated person out there. I want the results, but have struggled to find a program that can accommodate my less than athletic build, whiny nature, and overall reluctance to sweat. I’ve tried almost every class out there, and have joined every gym in the tri-state area during the last 15 years. When I started at Jason’s boot camp, I was both hopeful and skeptical. Hopeful that this would finally be the right fit for me, and skeptical that anyone could make working out something that I enjoyed. I am pleased to report that I am now one of those people that I have seen over the years (in all those classes and gyms) looking forward to working out, and actually loving it! I don’t know if it’s the camaraderie that the all girls’ class generates, or the atmosphere that Jason creates that has made an exerciser out of me, but whatever it is, it works! I mean it REALLY works! I’ve only been at it a few weeks, but already I find myself being excited about going to camp, and have begun to enjoy the side of effects of all that "camping". At last, I’m getting my results. But perhaps more importantly, I think I’ve finally found my fit….(ness).


- Renee B

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