Tom LOST55 pounds and 10% body fat in7 months!

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What started as sort of a “joke” became something I just can’t do without!  There was an email advertisement for boot camp and my best friend and I joked that this was exactly what we needed – someone to literally “whip” us into shape!  I must admit when we actually did sign-up we were apprehensive:  “could we keep up; would it be worth the time; what were we expecting to achieve…”.  All answers were clear immediately following our first week:  well, we could sort of keep up; it was definitely worth our time (having muscle aches where we didn’t even know we had muscles); and, Jason was straightforward & honest about setting real expectations.  At the conclusion of first month my clothes were fitting differently, my bulbous; jiggling body was changing shape; and I had such an increase in strength and stamina, I was surprised – almost 3 inches off my thighs – really…?  How big were they?!?!?    I have been attending Jason’s camps for 5 months (going into month 6) and am so pleased with the results!  Initially, I could do no more than 10 push-ups (on knees); I could scarcely lift the 5lbs weights – now I just want to say, “bring it on – what little surprises do you have for us this evening, Jason?!?!?  Ah-ha, I am now capable of doing standard push-ups and I’m progressing to 10 lbs weights!  The classes are, on no account, routine –Jason is constantly switching things up; we never know what to expect (definitely NOT predictable); and he is incredibly patient, committed and displays a genuine goal of helping each individual achieve tremendous results.  The fact that I’m still sticking with boot camp is a huge testimony to what a great program this is – we never want to miss a class – truly!    I get so many comments on what better shape I am in – but in the final analysis, the real benefit is how it makes me feel about myself!  I think I speak for our group in sharing, we don’t want to go back to the way we felt before….so, hopefully we’ll see many more new faces next month!  Come give it a try – it’s never boring; definitely challenging-  no matter your fitness level -; and most of all, you will feel incredible!


- Lisa G., CMU

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